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Meet The Team

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide excellent customer service with kindness, compassion, and respect for each client.
We continually strive to be knowledgeable in our responsibilities, professional and positive in attitude, and supportive of our team.
Each must recognize how our individual part fits into the WHF process from start to finish and strive for accuracy and excellence!

If we are having fun...
Then we're doing it right!


Tandi Rinker
Executive Director

Accounting Department

Our accounting department is responsible for recording and reporting the cash flow transactions of the company. This department has some key roles and responsibilities including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, and maintaining financial controls.

After everything has been entered to our accounting system our department is responsible for preparing and analyzing monthly/yearly financial statements for our Board of Directors.

At Wyoming Health Fairs our accounting department prides itself for its attitude, accuracy and timeliness of those financial records.


Deb VanderVoort
of Accounting


Kaitlin Barnes
Accounting Representative

Business Development

Our Business Development department works at new corporate and community growth opportunities. Striving to create long-term valued relationships with our participants is our goal. We achieve our success by taking care of our current partnerships year after year, always working to improve their next event. Working from our Events Calendar week after week, month after month, and year after year, confirming dates, locations and securing contracts for upcoming events is part of our responsibilities. We work to sell quality, low-cost blood screenings and wellness services to help enhance new and existing client wellness programs, no matter how big or small. We believe in prevention management and market to our community, surrounding communities, and national levels as well to obtain new business. We create new business opportunities by meeting with potential clients and educating them on the importance of yearly blood screenings for their group as a starting point. We emphasize that taking their results to their physician to discuss them and get feedback about their overall health is the next step to a healthy wellbeing.


Kendra Vasquez
Director of Business Development


Rich Wessenberg
Sales Manager

Communications Department

The Communications Team serves both external customers and internal customers. We connect with clients and participants before, during and after each event. We are the “voice” for Wyoming Health Fairs, written and verbal - from answering phone calls and emails to the words on our marketing and website. We help to create, print and distribute event marketing. We also print the wellness screening results and ensure their delivery to participants and physicians (upon request). We ensure that physicians around the state have information about our low-cost wellness screenings for their patients.

Melissa 2

Melissa Hugget
Director of Communications


Jade Day
Communications Specialist

Marketing Department

The WHF Marketing Department is responsible for the look, creation and distribution of all advertising for the company. We create, print and distribute everything from event marketing to physician menus and comment cards. Our mission is to maintain the highest standards in regards to the look and feel of Wyoming Health Fairs / Wellness Health Fairs. We strive for quality and excellence with everything we create whether it’s a business card, postcard, radio or TV commercial. Quality and commitment to the participants we serve is our number one priority.


Matt Kadlick
Director of Marketing


Chelsie Mondle
Marketing Specialist

IT Department

"We do the nerd stuff" The IT Department is in charge of keeping all of our technology running securely and up-to-date. They ensure that everything from how our website functions to how seamless your blood draw experience is is up to par with the quality of service that you have come to expect from Wyoming Health Fairs.


David Naylor
Director of IT


Alex Leija
Support Specialist


Don Potter
Health Data Analyst

Operations Department

Operations is basically the moving part of WHF. Our department is the one that makes the mobile office experience possible. We have many different roles that our team is responsible for in order to represent a company in motion in a professional, safe, fun, and responsible manner. Our department is the largest in the company and entails several different job duties and responsibilities. Under our umbrella, we have a director, clinical nurse advisor, wellness coordinator, data entry personnel, biometrics, health coaches, phlebotomists, representatives, and leads that oversee our different stationary on site locations. They are located in Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, Torrington, and Scottsbluff, NE. Our team is made up of people that strictly stay at one office continually and others who do quite extensive travel throughout every corner of Wyoming and throughout the United States. We also work with communities and their many volunteers to make our events successful and engaging. WHF continues to support local phlebotomy programs with Casper College, LCCC and WCA. This gives their students opportunities to get experience drawing blood in a clinical setting at several of our on site locations.

We feel blessed to play such a large role in this amazing company. By offering low cost blood screenings all over the country, at locations big and small, we are contributing to each person’s overall well being in a cost effective manner. We understand that the impact we make is immeasurable and value the part we play.


Rachel Baker
Director of Operations


Heather Hafner
Wellness Coordinator

Kim Pic

Kim Tyree RNC
Clinical Advisor


Erika Batchelor
Casper Operations Lead


Lynde Childs
Cheyenne Operations Lead


Chasity Yniguez
Laramie Operations Lead


Jeri Leon
Scottsbluff/Torrington Operations Lead

Our Mission

To inspire and empower personal well-being ~ one person, one health screening and one partnership at a time!