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Need help finding an event in your community? Use the search tool below to search for your town, or take a look through our calendar.

Wyoming Health Fairs will be closing our offices on March 28, 2020, due to the COVID - 19 outbreak until further notice.

Our offices will be open this week through Friday, March 27th.

If you are currently feeling sick (fever, cough, other upper respiratory issues) please stay home and get well. When our offices are reopened, we will send another email and update our website.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment in consideration of social distancing. Click the link below to schedule your appointment or you can call 800-979-3711.


For over 34 years WHF has offered affordable and convenient health screenings throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We have weekly, monthly, and annual blood screenings in many communities, as well as on-site screenings for our corporate partners. We invite you to locate and attend an event near you by using the menu on this page! If you do not see an event coming up in your area, please give us a call and we will help you find the closest one.

Drink plenty of water & take medications as usual!

WHF recommends fasting 12 hours prior to blood draw, unless you are diabetic. All WHF tests are non-diagnostic and intended for wellness purposes only. Pricing varies based on location and is subject to change without notice. A services list with prices can be found in most events. If they aren't available, please contact WHF for further questions at 800-979-3711 or mail@whf.to.