Taking Pride in What We Do:

At WHF, we take immense pride in our work. Each member of our team is passionate about their role and dedicated to making a difference. We are committed to excellence and continuously strive to exceed expectations. Our pride in what we do is reflected in the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our participants.

  • Approximately 5 years ago I went to a Wyoming Health Fair. My results showed I had high iron levels which led to a diagnosis of Hemochromostosis which could of been life threatening. We now go regularly to the Wyoming Health Fairs and are thankful to have them available.


  • Incredible people. Helpful, kind, efficient. They care about your physical, health, well-being, and financial health. The lady there gave me a great recommendation and some helpful advice. Thanks!


  • Typically when I have my blood drawn, I get stuck a minimum of 3 times before the phlebotomist can get to one of my deep-seated veins. The dread makes me put off going for even a simple, yet very important, health screen longer than I know I should. Well, hats off to Kendra from the Wyoming Health Fairs! This was the smoothest blood draw my arm had ever experienced! I highly recommend her to anyone with "deep seated veins." Dread be gone!! Thank you!


These people are amazing! Who knew I'd enjoy getting my blood drawn. The office person was warm and welcoming - felt like we were old friends. The phlebotomist was simply the BEST! I always cringe a little at blood draws. I have small veins and usually end up bloodied, bruised and uncomfortable. She slid the needle in easily, first try - I was like what just happened! Truly a joy to deal with WHF, especially if you're a little cranky from lack of caffeine and hangry.