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WHF WellRight Platform

Enjoy Your Journey To Wellness!

This exciting and interactive wellness platform provides all the tools needed on the path to wellness. Design the platform according to your corporate wellness program. Employee engagement is shown to create stronger connections, healthier habits and more productivity. The WHF WellRight Platform allows you to connect and empower your employees on their path to wellness.

Engaging & Motivating!

Online Health Assessment

This online questionnaire helps employees recognize their areas of wellness that may need improvement. This assessment goes beyond just nutrition but all aspects of wellness. They will be provided with a wellness summary and resources to guide them towards healthier decisions.


With over 100 wellness topic videos, this educational resource allows users to explore and learn about any health related topic they choose. It is available via the wellness platform or any mobile device.

Wellness University

There are more than 200 fun and creative challenges! Employees become more engaged and are encouraged along the way. Whether it be team challenges or a personalized goal challenge, it is a great way to keep everyone involved and focused along the journey.

Device Syncing

Sync fitness trackers , smart scales, blood monitors and water trackers to your wellness platform, at no extra cost!

All About Connection

Employee Communication
Communication among employees is key to success in any wellness program. Scheduled, targeted emails can be automated directly to employees, making it easier for those who administer the wellness program.


Reporting made easy! You can easily monitor completion reports, challenge progress and aggregate summary details. No more waiting:, it is right at your fingertips!