Biometric Products & Services

Attend a screening event and have the opportunity to access an array of our health services based on your individual needs. Please search below to see what is right for you!

Biometric Screenings: For over 30 years, the core of our business has been biometric screenings (blood draws). Attend a WHF blood draw event and receive accurate and timely results of your blood test, for significantly less than what you would pay at your doctor's office. Enjoy online access to your results any time.

Easy-to-read Test Descriptions: Our biometric screening results are formatted so that not only can your doctor interpret the numbers, but you can understand the results as well. To better understand specific tests and what the levels mean to you, please see our Test Descriptions.

ColoCare Kit: Do you think you are at risk for colon cancer? WHf offers a take-home test to screen for risk of colon cancer.

Flu Shots: Seasonal flu shots are available from October to March and are priced competitively!

Wellness Offerings - Coming Soon to the Public!

In addition to biometric screenings, WHF offers wellness tools to improve your overall wellness.

Health Assessment (Online): By purchasing a health assessment (HA), enjoy a subscription to WHF Wellness. Complete your HA to identify your health risks and strengths and then use the WHF Wellness interactive tools to help address those risks.

Clinical Consultations: We offer clinical consultations to discuss your biometric screening results. Make an appointment with one of our clinical experts to ask questions and express any concerns about your screening results.

Tobacco Cessation Coaching: Interested in quitting tobacco? Our Certified Tobacco Cessation Coaches are trained to help you work towards setting a quit date, identifying proper medications that can support you, and providing motivation once you have quit.

Wellness Coaching: We are knowledgeable and passionate about helping people set and reach their wellness goals. Let our coaches inspire and encourage you! We address areas of wellness such as physical activity, nutrition, healthy relationships, creating healthy habits and much more.

Wellness Paths: Wellness Paths are activities or competitions that offer motivation, education, and rewards to inspire positive change. Focus on creating more constructive thinking patterns in a supportive environment. Wellness Paths provide you with opportunities to engage in healthy, spirited competition to achieve the Path goal.