Why should I get a blood screening?

Taking part in an annual low-cost blood screening gives participants many tools to monitor and evaluate their level of wellness.Taking an active part in managing your personal health and wellness can result in a long, fulfilling life and help control expenses associated with disease management. From cholesterol and glucose levels to thyroid and prostate levels, WHF offers a variety of screenings. We encourage all participants to share their results with their physician.

Do I need to fast for my blood screenings?

The Chemistry Profile requires 12 hours of fasting. The C-Reactive Protein screening requires that the participant abstain from caffeine for 12 hours. Please remember to drink plenty of water prior to any blood screening and take medications as usual.

Should I have my blood drawn even if I don't fast?

WHF recommends 12-hour fasting, unless Diabetic or unless any other condition exits that may cause an impact on optimum health because fasting allows for the most accurate values within the Chemistry Panel. The screening still has important significance, even if someone cannot fast. Therefore, WHF encourages taking part in the screenings even with such conditions. The values affected are metabolically specific such as glucose levels and cholesterol averages. Regardless, WHF encourages everyone to have a screening done because it will help to be come aware of all the other levels within the panel.

How short of a period of time is considered "fasting"?

Fasting time is counted from the last time someone ate anything, and we encourage drinking plenty of water the day prior and up to the time of your screening.

How do I share my results with my physician?

WHF will fax or email blood screening results at the participant's request. A Release Form should be completed by the participant at the time of the blood screening event. The Release Form is also available on our website here: Authorization to Release Form

What should I do if I have lost my results or receipt and need another copy?

Access to blood screening results will be available to participants via our website by simply logging in. Participants will be able to view and print their results from the website. You may also contact WHF to request a copy of results. Receipts will not be available on our website. Please contact WHF to obtain additional copies of receipts.

Now that results are available online, will I still get a copy in the mail?

WHF will always send one printed copy of each participant's blood screening results to the mailing address provided. In the event you need an additional copy of your results, the website provides each participant with the ability to access, view, and print their results as necessary.

When should I expect to receive my results in the mail?

Please allow 7 - 10 business days from the date of the actual blood screening event to receive a printed copy of your results in the mail. To have your results sent directly to your physician, please complete an Authorization to Release Form and return it to WHF.

Who do I contact with questions about interpreting my results?

WHF encourages all participants to share their blood screening results with their physician. For questions on how to read or interpret the results, participants can contact WHF or reference the Test Descriptions section of our website. WHF also has a Clinical Advisor available for consultation.

How do I find a WHF event near me?

WHF hosts weekly and monthly draws at several locations throughout the state of Wyoming. We also travel to meet our clients' needs. Please reference the Calendar section of our website or contact WHF to find an event near you.

Does WHF bill insurance companies?

WHF does not bill insurance companies. WHF will provide the necessary documentation to the participant or employer to submit for payment or reimbursement of services rendered.

How do I get help with completing my Health Assessment?

WHF offers support to all individuals who are participating in WHF Wellness. Please contact WHF with questions or visit the Health Assessment section on our website.

Where can I view Wyoming Health Fair's privacy policy?

Click the link to view our current privacy policy. Privacy Policy